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Published: 10th March 2009
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Facebook as a social network privately was born at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts which at present ranked as the second largest social network behind MySpace has long traversed its own path of success starting from being an exclusive network to group of university students to becoming a widely accessed site by people from all walks of life. Let's riffle through its golden timeline from the day it was launched up to the present.

February 4, 2004 Launching of Facebook as an exclusive social network for college students of Harvard University.

February 18, 2004 Half of the Harvard student body signed up with Facebook.

March 2004 Facebook reached Yale, Stanford and Columbia.

May 2004 Facebook added 30 more colleges to its network.

June 2004 Zuckerberg and his company moved out to Palo Alto, California where they rented out a sublet and moved the base of their operations.

June 2004 Few weeks after the transfer to Palo Alto, California, Zuckerberg worked with Sean Parker who provided Facebook its first investor, Peter Theil with $500 million fund.

Mid 2004 Few months later Theil's investment, Friendster tried to purchase Facebook at $10 million which was then turned down.

Accel Partners made an offer after Friendster was turned down, the acquisition amount would have been $12.7 million from a pre-money appraisal of $100 million. Eventually Facebook did not accept the offer.

August 2005 Facebook bought its domain name "FACEBOOK" for $200,000, dropping the article "The" from its original name The Facebook.

September 2005 Facebook opened up its membership to high school students.

October 2005 The birth of Facebook's popular photo sharing feature.

March 2006 Viacom offered $750 million for Facebook acquisition but become unsuccessful in gaining a deal with Zuckerberg.

Summer of 2006 Yahoo initially had a verbal agreement with Zuckerberg on the acquisition of company ownership of Facebook at a labile deal from $1 billion to $800 million an back to a billion due to price stock recession. The unfixed offer of Yahoo put their agreement with Zuckerberg at stake, giving the latter a reason to finally turned down their billion offer owing to his notoriety as a kid who turned down a billion.

August 2006 A three year contract was signed between Facebook and Microsoft stating that Facebook will become Microsoft's provider and seller of ads on their site in exchange of a revenue split.

September 26, 2006 Facebook opened its membership to everyone with valid email address at age 13 and older.

October 2008 Facebook made it known that the company will be setting up its international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.
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